Saturday, January 17, 2009

An oligarch, Tony Blair and the accountants

This morning's Times profiles a supposedly dissident Russian oligarch who once worked for the KGB and now plans to buy London's Evening Standard newspaper. With reference to his time in the KGB he is quoted as saying " Don't confuse foreign intelligence with the KGB. The KGB was a notorious organisation linked to the the gulags. That's nothing to do with foreign intelligence". That's alright then. Wonder what he'd be doing if history had worked out differently and they'd won and we'd lost?

Tony Blair speaking at Yale this last week summed up his governments ten years of economic success " I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that it was luck".

Thought accountants were immune from the downturn? Think again. KPMG the big auditing firm is asking its 11,000 UK staff to take unpaid leave or face a widespread redundancy programme.

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