Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Swift Wind Turbines - any thoughts?

We have been left alone while the family goes back to the UK for a few days. Naturally, now that we are here tout seul the weather has deteriorated further. All afternoon a gale has been howling down from the mountains above the house - anything not tied down has gone flying out in to the fields. For a couple of hours we managed to work in the grounds but eventually the boyz signalled from their glum attitude that enough was enough and we've retreated back inside.

A couple of weeks ago I saw an advert for a company called Swift Turbines in Edinburgh. They produce small roof mounted wind turbines that can produce up to 2000 Kwh of power a year. My initial reaction was that the technology might work in a blustery environment like Scotland but never here. However, after the weather of the last few weeks I've had occasion to reassess that opinion. They only seem to sell in the UK but there must be some way of storing the power and using it in the house here. Is anyone out there an expert on wind turbines? Solar power would appear to be the logical solution for alternative power sources here in Italy but the square footage needed to generate a worthwhile amount of power makes me cautious.

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